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        Tatyana Volkova competed course of the Odessa Medical University and following graduate clinical internship with professor B. Ya. Reznik. After that she worked managing branch in hospital within 20 years, and used in treatment of children and adults a complex not medicamentous method of alternative medicine at various diseases non-needle reflexotherapy (cauterization and electroacupuncture), balneotherapy, dietary, and yogic cure.
        Taking into account my operational experience, efficiency and insufficiently wide popularity of this method among the population, I published articles in a weekly journal Omonya (???????) (Athens, Greece 7/09/2000) and in the newspaper Windows (Odessa, Ukraine 28/04/2001).
        Especially I wish to pay attention of older people: there are ways and an opportunity to put age off to prolong activity and to keep power up. Struggle for the youth, keep it !!!

        Under personal experience, working myself since 48 years age, I have come to a conclusion about surprising opportunities of not medicamentous bodys clearing, improvements and rejuvenation of organism.
        Probably you will agree with me, having looked on my photo - March 2001, mine 58 years, growth 164 cm (5 ft and 5 in.), weight 52 kg.

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        Not medicamentous methods of treatment (reflexotherapy, balneotherapy, dietary, and yogic cure) are especially recommended for children and adults with the increased allergization. Besides the preventive treatment yields fine results for frequently sicking children and adults, the organism becomes stronger, prevents heavy cases, and eventually relieves of an illness. It concerns not only hardly proceeding illnesses, but also sluggish chronic forms.
        I am sociable; therefore I do not refuse offers to leave in other city or the country for rendering medical aid and consultations on problems of health and rejuvenation.
Ukraine 65080, Odessa
Varnenskaya St 2/3, apt. 14
phone.: +380-482-652181

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